A tribute to Prof. Dr. Ir. Rindit Pambayun, M.S.



In the middle of pandemic outbreaks, the entire Journal of Functional Food and Nutraceutical (JFFN) mourned the death of one of our editors. Professor Rindit Pambayun, well known as Prof Rindit, has passed away. Prof Rindit is a Food Scientist from Sriwijaya University and Advisory Board Member of the Indonesian Society for Functional Food and Nutraceutical (P3FNI). He is an honourable advocate for Halal, Indonesian traditional food, and with his true idealism toward society he was also dedicated to teaching and nurturing young scientists. He built strong foundations and directions to JFFN to become a world-class journal with a significant impact on society.

May Allah give him Jannah and may the family be given strength and fortitude in overcoming the loss and sorrow.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rindit Pambayun, M.S.
(4 December 1956 – 8 July 2020)