Editorial Preface

  • Journal Manager JFFN


Welcome to the inaugural issue of Journal of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (JFFN).  It is my great privilege and pleasure to present the inaugural volume of this new peer-reviewed   journal, a joint publishing journal of Perhimpunan Penggiat Pangan FungsionaI dan Nutraceutical Indonesia (P3FNI) or Indonesian Society of Funtional Foods and Nutraceuticals (ISFFN) and Research Center of Food and Health, Swiss Geman University (SGU). JFFN is a frontier publication devoted to strengthen the development of functional foods, from theoretical aspects to application-dependent studies and the validation of emerging technologies, which naturally complement each other, as well as any grass root issues for practitioners. JFFN aims to provide a highly readable and valuable contribution literature to emerging interest in functional foods science and technology in Indonesia Society. The journal is also dedicated to encourage early bird authors to experience publishing in an international journal by providing a friendly tutorial.  

This first issue comprises five manuscripts, connected by a unifying theme: “Functional Food and Nutraceutical for Community Health”.  The presented articles can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Basic research evaluating the functional activities
  • Social studies on consumer trends on functional food

It is our hope that the articles of this first issue will become a valuable resource for the readers of JFFN, and will stimulate further research into the vibrant world of functional foods.

As the chairman of P3FNI, I would like to use this inauguration occasion to thank many people who supported the idea to create a new journal JFFN and provided the opportunity for the journal to be born, in particular Dr. Maria S. Gunawan-Putri. I also deeply appreciate the hearty support of SGU as we strive to make JFFN the most authoritative journal on the field of functional foods. Furthermore, as the editor in chief, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all members of the editorial and the advisory boards, whose service, dedication, and commitment have made the creation of this journal possible. I would also like to acknowledge the highly appreciative effort to all of manuscript reviewers for providing valuable comments and suggestions to the authors. As we are working together, we aim to continue to strive for quality and excellence in published articles. It is without doubt that the success of our journal depends highly on the author contribution of articles. Through seamless collaboration with all of our authors, we aim to continue to strive for quality and excellence in publishing articles.

It is our hope that JFFN could deliver valuable and interesting information to the nationwide and worldwide community of food science, and stimulate further exciting research in the diverse area of functional foods and nutraceuticals. I am certain that this first issue will be followed by many others, providing high quality reports on the most advanced developments in food science field.  More information about JFFN guidelines for the preparation and submission of papers can be found at JFFN website: https://journal.sgu.ac.id/jffn/index.php/jffn/index . 

Finally, as a newly established journal I do realize that there are still a lot of aspects that have to be improved. Therefore, we are sincerely waiting for your mutual suggestions and criticism.

July 2019,

Hanny Wijaya

Editor in Chief