Encapsulation of candlenut oil by freeze-drying method

  • Silvya Yusri Swiss German University
  • Celine Meidiana Swiss German University
  • Abdullah Muzi Marpaung Swiss German University
  • Hery Sutanto Swiss German University
Keywords: Candlenut oil, encapsulation, freeze-drying, omega fatty acid, oxidative stability


Candlenut oil is a potential source of omega fatty acids that can be used as a food supplement or nutrient for food fortification. It contains high amount of omega fatty acids and also available in high quantity, especially in Indonesia. However, due to its off-odor and its thermalsensitivity which makes candlenut oil prone to oxidation, the application into food products still needs more improvement. Encapsulation is one of the techniques that is used to protect the candlenut oil from oxidation. This research aimed to find the best encapsulating agent to protect the omega content from candlenut oil against oxidation through freeze-drying method. Factors such as encapsulating agent (whey protein isolate, sodium caseinate, β-cyclodextrin, gum Arabic) and ratios of encapsulating agent to oil (3:2, 1:1 and 2:3) were investigated to find out the most appropriate microcapsule and conditions to ensure there will be no change of the candlenut oil characteristics. Moisture content, microencapsulation efficiency (ME), and peroxide value (PV) were analyzed as the product parameter. The highest encapsulation efficiency was obtained by using sodium caseinate (43.22 ± 0.9 %) with the ratio of encapsulating agent-oil was 3:2. The second stage of candlenut oil encapsulation was carried out to improve the efficiency of microcapsule, and the result showed that the efficiency of encapsulated oil with sodium caseinate as encapsulating agent was increased to 64.86%.


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Yusri, S., Meidiana, C., Marpaung, A. M., & Sutanto, H. (2020). Encapsulation of candlenut oil by freeze-drying method . Journal of Functional Food and Nutraceutical, 2(1), 53-61. https://doi.org/10.33555/jffn.v2i1.35