Product development of low sugar ready-to-drink (RTD) soy jelly drink

  • Tabligh Permana Swiss German University
  • Jessline Ramaputra Swiss German University
  • Filiana Santoso Swiss German University
Keywords: Carrageenan, jelly drink, ready-to-drink, soybean, stevia


Soymilk was processed into a nutritious jelly drink product with low sugar level to overcome the problems of current comercial jelly drink. The optimum concentration of iotacarrageenan (0.1-0.3%) was determined based on sensory evaluation and texture analysis. The preferable sweetness level (2.5-7.5%) was determined based on sensory evaluation. The optimum combination of stevia and sucrose (g/l, 0.211:45, 0.27:45, 0.579:45, 0:75) was determined based on sensory evaluation. The effect of the heating time (30-60 min) and the effect of storage temperature (4 and 25 oC) were evaluated by using product characteristic and microbial activity. Results presented in this work suggest that iota-carrageenan was more suitable to be used to produce RTD soy jelly drink than kappa-carrageenan, with 2% addition as the optimum concentration. The combination of 4.5% sucrose and 0.0579% stevia could produce less sugar RTD soy jelly drink with good sensory acceptance. Standard heating process (30 minutes) could hold the microbial activity below the maximum limit up to 21 day at 4 oC storage condition, but only has 6 hours at 25 oC storage condition. The additional heating time could hold up to about 11 hours. The heating process could increase the texture value of product, and the texture characteristic product would be changing during storage at 4 oC.


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Permana, T., Ramaputra, J., & Santoso, F. (2020). Product development of low sugar ready-to-drink (RTD) soy jelly drink. Journal of Functional Food and Nutraceutical, 2(1), 43-52.