Aims & Scope


Journal of Functional Food and Nutraceutical (JFFN) publishes review and research result on frontier research, development, and application in the scope of functional food and nutraceuticals. The journal is expected to bring together all stakeholders in relation to the food ingredients and nutraceuticals.


Scope of the journal includes:

  • The interdisciplinary approach of food technology, food nutrition, and health
  • Plant bioactives; dietary fibre, probiotics; functional lipids; bioactive peptides; vitamins, minerals and botanicals and other dietary supplements.
  • Nutritional and technological aspects related to the development of functional foods and nutraceuticals.
  • Food digestion, bioavailability, mechanism, efficacy, and safety of food ingredients and nutraceuticals.
  • Food product development with health benefit
  • Characterisation of healthy foods and functional constituents
  • Preparation of natural and synthetic ingredients for use in foods and supplement
  • Effects of processing (including packaging and storage) on functionality and improvement of product quality; verification, quality control and traceability of natural and synthetic functional food ingredients and nutraceuticals.
  • Socio-economy and the regulatory aspects of functional foods and related issues e.g. labelling, policy, substantiation of health claims are also of interest together with those dealing with the value creation on the food chains based on the nutritional/healthy aspects.