The 6th International Conference of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource (IC-FANRes) 2021, 4-5 August 2021



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The 6th International Conference of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource (IC-FANRes) 2021, 4-5 August 2021

Conference Description
During the short period of global pandemic, enormous change showing more of the local agriculture and natural resources importance in supporting the global food security and sustainability.
The 6th IC-FANRES 2021 aimed at providing a forum for presentation and discussion of the current and new developments in food and natural resources in empowering local agriculture and natural resources for global market in the post pandemic world.

Conference features
1. Keynote speeches
Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) - Dr. H. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, BBA, MBA
Acting Deputy Head of Strengthening Research and Development, National Research and Innovation Agency (Plt. Deputi Pengembangan Riset dan Pengembangan BRIN) - Prof. Dr. Ismunandar, PhD
Head of Food Security Agency Ministry of Agriculture (Kepala BKP)-Dr. Ir. Agung Hendriadi, M.Eng
2. Opening Speeches
- Rector of Swiss German University
- Rector of Prefectural University of Hiroshima
- Presiden International FANRES Network
3. Supported by
- Perhimpunan Ahli Teknologi Pangan Indonesia (PATPI)
- Perhimpunan Penggiat Pangan Fungsional dan Nutrasetikal Indonesia (P3FNI)
- 12 other academic institutions all over the world
4. Inviting 15 international speakers from Japan, Germany, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and also Indonesian Diasporas to brought presentations on below topics
- Herbal, functional food, nutraceuticals, and nutrition for health.
- Information systems and technology in food and agriculture.
- Agricultural and natural resources industrialization for food, health, and energy.
- Business, management, and regulatory in food, agriculture, and natural resources.
- Eco-, agri-, and food-based tourism, education, and community empowerment.
- Food and agricultural waste utilization.
5. In the spirit of Merdeka Belajar-Freedom to Learn, FANRes International Network and SGU is opening the door for the international conference student participation (free registration fee with prior registration)
6. Doorprize with total value of 7.5 million IDR for all participants in the end of the event.
For further information regarding IC-FANRes 2021, please visit
Contact and registration:
+62 851-6108-3476 (Whatsapp)

See you there!

IC-FANRes 2021 committee